Workout and Remediation

     Getting bad loans off your books, with little or no write-downs, is the first objective the CCF group offers its institution clients. It can be done. And, in some cases, lenders can create profits from what otherwise would be heavy losses.  Talk to us and find out how we can get it done for you.

  • Tactical & strategic solution planning—for stressed projects and OREO. Product and marketing review and aid in execution.
  • Property management—as a receiver or a pre-receiver.
  • Borrower and court negotiation—with borrowers, other lenders, courts, creditors, contractors labor and others.
  • Tax and liability ownership planning—firewalls for project and fiscal liability.
  • Litigation—planning for prophylactic and pro-active, plaintiff or defense actions.
  • Exit strategies—Through management and marketing to third parties or retail users.
  • Financing alternatives as exit strategies.

Management and marketing are the keys. Our sweet spots are (1) Multi-family apartments and/or condos; (2) Hospitality; (3) Senior care; and (4) Retail.