Case Studies

Case Studies of Classic Turnaround Projects

The following are case studies of project rescues. The plans employed were based on process. As such, they were logical, thorough and executed with planning and attention to detail. Their successes did not come from mystical inspiration, but rather were the product of hard work, tenacity and with the imagination coming from the ability to think outside the conventional box. As a result, they worked in some of the most trying economic times since World War II.

To illustrate the consistency of the process, we have chosen samples that span time and that worked during periods of economic strife. Some are recent and some are history, but the process of creative thinking and careful execution has not changed.

To protect the privacy of those involved specific identification of the new projects is not being published.

Recent projects

  1. Failed auto dealership, $3 million to $12 million
  2. Shopping center, $5.5 million
  3. Restaurant and building, $2 million
  4. Multi-use development, $8 million horizontal
  5. Apartment complex in need of financing

Older projects

  1. Water Tower Place Condominiums
  2. St. James Condominiums
  3. Village on the Lake
  4. New Century Town