A/R Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

   Accounts Receivable Financing and Inventory Financing are often referred to as Asset-Based Lending (ABL). This financing program is in fact a revolving line of credit with cash advances tied to a company’s assets such as Accounts Receivable and Inventory.

   Accounts Receivable Financing or Asset Based Lending (ABL) is a highly effective program to provide you with ongoing financing to meet the working capital requirements of your business.

 An Accounts Receivable or ABL loan program is very simple to operate:

  • Your cash requirements are funded by submitting a simple report showing your present accounts receivable and inventory balances.
  • We make advances to you on the basis of that report, by immediately making funds available to you.
  • You repay the Accounts Receivable or ABL advance by means of collections from your customers.

 Accounts Receivable Financing Accounts Receivable Financing offers you the following benefits:

  • Turn your Receivables into Immediate Cash.

 Provides Immediate Cash.

  • Take Discounts or make advantageous Purchases: The certainty of when you have funds available enables you to purchase advantageously from your suppliers, take advantage of special offers, close outs or discounts.
  • Answer to Seasonal swings in business and Growth:

 Accounts Receivable Financing provides the answer for growing businesses as well as businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations.

  • Control of Accounts Receivable: You maintain full control of you accounts receivable and collections. You remain responsible for issuing statements and making collections.
  • Non-notification: Your customers are not notified that your accounts receivable are being financed.


  • A current aging of accounts receivable.
  • A current aging of accounts payable.
  • Your most recently available financial statements..
  • Diversified and credit-worthy customers.

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