Paul Valente

Paul Valente
Energy and Heavy Industry—Advisor to Board of Directors

Mr. Valente has been working with Gary Meyers for over 25 years. He serves Commercial Loan Corp. in reviewing energy and utility components of existing and proposed projects and comparing them with available state-of-art technologies for functionality and cost efficiency. His specialty is reviewing industrial environmental control designs for both municipal and commercial clients.

      Valente’s problem solving skills were developed over 30 years working in sales and marketing roles selling instrumentation products and environmental processing equipment to the petroleum, chemical, waste water, municipal and pool processing business sectors. Over that time Paul has handled numerous large accounts including Halliburton, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, General Dynamics, Siemens Applied Automation Group, Schlumberger, United Technologies, Commonwealth Edison,  Peoples Gas, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, BP/Amoco Corporation, Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety, U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Sargent & Lundy, Flour, and Harza Engineering Company.

Mr. Valente’s recent consulting work has involved:

Working with Capstone, Inc. (a micro turbine manufacturing subsidiary of United Technologies) to expand this company’s market present in the Midwest. As part of this effort he developed a public/private venture relationship between Capstone and Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry to produce a working exhibit demonstrating commercial application of Capstone’s energy-saving micro turbine/fuel cell technology.

Introducing an innovative municipal solid waste disposal technology to government leaders in the City of Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois.  This high temperature approach to handling solid waste converts large volume trash into a small volume molten slag that cools into a glass-like substance suitable for low cost building materials applications.  The technology is currently being evaluated for use as a viable method to eliminate the need for landfill site disposal.

Funding and building domestic and international alternative fuel (bio-diesel) refineries.

Assisting a Midwest based client in the development of a more efficient continuous emissions monitor (C.E.M.) system for coal fired fossil fuel generating stations.

Mr. Valente is actively involved with non-profit environmental and historic preservation projects in Illinois, working closely with activists like Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn and his Green Solutions initiative (a statewide effort to conserve and protect the environment while creating healthy and friendly workplaces and homes).  He has served on the Boards of the Historic Pullman Foundation, the Pullman Civic Organization, and St. Paul’s School in the Pilsen neighborhood.  He is a member of both the Instrument Society of America (ISA) and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).  Paul lives in Chicago’s Pullman district.

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